My Skills Tutor

All classes can work on a series of projects on the My Skills Tutor program. These can be accessed via the Internet from home, school, public libraries, and other sites. All work will be counted. All projects need to be completed at a 90% (or better) level to count for full points. Each project is worth 100 points. Projects have several components and all components except for pre-tests need to be completed at 90% or better.

A new feature this year is that you are "locked out" of a component after three attempts until Dr. Montgomery resets your account. Let Dr. Montgomery know so that he can reset you and let you continue.

When you finish a project at 90%, Dr. Montgomery will assign you to the next project. 8th graders have four research projects on My Skills Tutor and 7th graders have three research projects. Other projects will be assigned after the research projects have been completed.

In most cases, on My Skills Tutor, your user name and password will be your school ID number. The site is always Canton01.

Follow this link to access My Skills Tutor and to log-on.