Family Migration-Pioneer Story

The first anchor project for all classes is to complete the Family Migration-Pioneer Story.

Due date is Friday, September 12, 2008.

Each class developed a questionnaire on 9/5/2008 to use with adult family members. Responses to the questions are due on Monday, 9/8/2008 so that students can work in team to change the responses into the Family Migration-Pioneer Stories. See RLT-WS Assignment #7 from Week 2 Quarter 1.

Monday, 9/8 the class will develop Story Boards to use to put each student's story together. In Cooperative Learning (CL) teams, the class will then transform responses to the questionnaire into the draft of a story and will look for family pictures or objects to add to the story.

The Questionnaires for each class are below. Double-click on the link to open the questions for your class.

2-Social Studies 7

4-Language Experience 7

6-Language Experience 8

7-Social Studies 7

8-American History 8