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Creating a Colony in a New Land

From District 200 (Woodstock)

STRONG suggestions for using wikis or blogs

1. Use it for academic purposes
2. Send letter home to parents.
a. Inform them that their child's work will be published on line.
b. Inform them that no personal information will be given out.
c. Give chance for them to opt out.

3. Inform principal.

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Educational Units & Lesson Plans

To find royalty free--non-copyrighted pictures for students to use and post on the Internet, go to:
.gov websites
Creative Commons
Pics for Learning

Bibliography under picture--copy entire thing under Credit or Courtesy of at the bottom
eg. Image 1 credit,,,image 2 credit, etc.

Get students hooked—engaging questions—relevant to the students. Ownership is key—treat them as adults & call them on it when act like little kids
Sometimes have to provide more direction.
Show them respect. Give them decision-making possibilities.