This space is for students in Dr. Montgomery's Transitional American History class.

4th Quarter Assignments & Exams

8th Grade Transitional (American) History

TAmHist-Exam 3

(90%+ mastery required)

TAmHist 8th Grade Essential Vocabulary Test

(90%+ mastery required)

TAmHist 8th Grade Essential Vocabulary

8th Grade Essential Vocabulary.doc

TAmHist Exam 456

(90%+ mastery required)

Homework and Project Wikispace

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American History--Rules & Expectations Presentation

Covers what we will be doing this year as well as class rules, grading, contact information, and more.

Listen-Speak-Think----Read-Write Assignments

Assignments in this course take this form. Follow the link below to the assignments for the different weeks of class. If you are missing or forget an assignment, you will find the assignment here.

Two-column Notes

Idea Map


Follow this link to the Learning-Passport pages. These are agreements between students, parents, and Dr. Montgomery that need to be signed so that we can go on the learning adventures planned for the year. Each of these agreements and visas need to be printed, signed by both parents and students, and returned to Dr. Montgomery. Students and parents need to keep one copy at home and at school.


Connect with Wisdom Project

Follow this link to go to the Connect with Wisdom project--the second anchor project for the Fall term.

Book list for American History Projects Fall, 2008.

Click on this link to go to the booklist for Dr. Montgomery's American History projects for the Fall, 2008.

Academic Vocabulary

Connect with Wisdom Vocabulary

Double-click on the file below and save it to your "G" drive. This will give you a head start on understanding the vocabulary you will need this year. Hold the ctrl key and left-click to activate the links on the words and pictures. Your assignment is to work in your vocabulary teams to explore three words and to write about these words on your team's Wiki space. We will consolidate everyone's work when complete.

We will be turning what we develop into a game for use throughout the year. Note that some of the links to Spanish reflect the difference in use in words between English and Spanish. Some of the sources we link to are not always going to be trusted for detail and all work well to develop working definitions of the words.


Adventure Tales of the Constitution

Primary Source Documents

Poor Richard's Almanac
Magna Carta
Mayflower Compact
Early Maps of the New World
Middle Passage
Salem Witch Trials

Additional Resources

Virtual Jamestown
Triangular Trade Simulation
George Washington's Rules
European Family Life

ISAT Practice: Extended Response Question

How were colonial families different and/or the same as our families today?
Use information from the text as well as your own observations to support your answer.

Chapter Reviews--for use with Tests

Adventure Tales of the Constitution of the United States

Use this link to check-out the Adventure Tales of the Constitution of the United States by Jody Potts, Ph.D., Published by Signal Media Publishers in Dallas, Texas.

Idea Maps--for use with Tests

French and Indian War (Chapter 9)